NEMA L630R plug sockets, L630, L6-30, ANSI C73.73 (NEMA L6-30R) L630-P,L6-30P AMPERE-250 VOLT ROHS UL 498, LOCKING UL 498, NEMA L6-30P, ANSI C73.73 ROHS POWER inlets, plugs, sockets, receptacles, plug cord, extension cords

l6 l7 l8 pushbuttons (if so equipped) 5.5 53.7 46.7 50.0 connector j1 connector j2 100.0 red icon yellow icon red icon yellow icon yellow icon red icon yellow icon ... Surprisingly compact, the Series L6 Flotect® Level Switch is designed and built for years of trouble-free service in a wide variety of process liquid level applications. Operation is simple and dependable with no mechanical linkage as the level switch is magnetically actuated. SSG-RP Industrial Ultra-wide Temp UPS 1kVA to 3kVA, 120/230Vac Rackmount Falcon Electric, Inc. 5116 Azusa Canyon Road Irwindale, CA 91706 Toll-Free: 800-842-6940 Tel: 626-962-7770