Aug 25, 2001 · I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between an Omron Sysmac C40P and a C40K PLC is. My boss and I are wondering if anyone can help us out. I suspect maybe that the programing is in different languages, ie, english, japaneze or something. Item Function Sysmac Studio Setting parameters EtherCAT configuration and setup – You can create a configuration in the Sysmac Studio of the EtherCAT slaves connected to the built- in EtherCAT port of the NX/NJ-series CPU unit or NY-series Industrial PC and set the parameters for the EtherCAT masters and slaves. Automation Software Sysmac Studio Provides an integrated development environment for NJ/NX/NY-series Controllers. With its intuitive user interface, integrates programming, test and debug of logic, motion, safety and vision sensors and achieves an advanced security function.

Summary of Contents for OMRON SYSMAC CP1E-E20DR-A Page 1 • Easy connection with computers using commercially available USB cables • With E30/40, N30/40/60 or NA20 CPU Units, Add I/O by Connecting Expansion I/O Units.