Bend sheet metal to create highly functional parts at low cost (e.g. brackets, enclosures, etc.). Draw a 2D shape. Select the outermost lines and in the Z-Control, set the thickness. Draw a straight line where you want the bend. Select the straight line, and in the Line Type drop list, select Bend. To view the bend, choose View > 3D. This tutorial shows how to draw a highly stylized female "Chibi" anime character with a big head and a small body. It provides suggestions for the proportions for the body as well as the placement of the facial features.

You can do it two easy ways, the first involves a metal cuttin vertical bandsaw with an out arm attached with a pivot point at the radius from the blade. You turn the 14Ga. into the blade and you willend up with a perfect circle with a small (1/4" is good) hole in the center. Pioneered by Rufus Butler Seder in his popular children's picture book Gallop!, and ably demonstrated by WonderHowTo favorite brusspup in the video below, "scanimation" refers to a novel (but distinctly old-timey) technique for cramming multi-frame animations onto a single sheet of paper by a process of superimposition and selective interference.