Information on the Antebellum period, which refers to the decades before the Civil War in the U.S., from a chapter of the book "North Carolina's History, Culture & Customs" is presented. From 1820 to 1860, a split began to form between the northern and southern states due to differences in opinion about slavery. Jan 08, 2020 · North Carolina is a state that is rich in history and culture, so it should be no surprise that some of the country’s most beautiful historic homes are found here.. Whether you’re drawn to the beauty of the architecture or the intrigue of their history, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at each one of these regal

Comparing the Social and Cultural Characteristics of the North, South, and West during the Antebellum Period Factors the Affected the Regions Differences in economies as a result of geography The greatest advocated of the mentally ill during the Antebellum Period was _____. Dorthea Dix The American Temperance Society stressed moderation in the use of strong drink, while the Prohibition Movement stressed ______ from all strong drink. Revolutionary War and Antebellum Period, 1775-1861 (U.S.) Genealogists concerned with documenting the Revolutionary War service of an individual should begin by consulting the sources listed here. For information on Virginians who served in the Revolutionary War, see Sources for Virginia Research .