16m deep - 600mm wide sheet piles @ 22No/day (in clay or sand materials) Detailed production rates. 16m deep - 600dia @ 4No/day in soft material including a 3m soft rock socket depth. Detailed production rates. 16m deep by 800mm wide @ 14-40m3/day of completed wall per rig per day. Materials to site. Sheet Piles. Concrete, reinforcement cages At the magnificent Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge project, China Harbour used an innovative way to drive 46 sheet piles to form a half circular cofferdam at the same time. International construction Equipment, Inc. supplied the Six-1412B hammer setups, with 46 sheet pile clamps precisely positioned through special fabricated adapter plates. SVR Series Tube Pile Drivers. OMS Pile Driving Equipment also offers the SVR type vibratory pile drivers. This crane hanging SVR type enables the users to drive sheet piles and/or steel casing piles in various diameters and lengths into the different type of soil with its own power pack.

ful applications of vibrators for driving piles or sheet piles or installing casings. Vibratory driving can often achieve high production rates with minimal environmental im-pact. However, vibratory driving should be chosen with careful consideration for the project-specific conditions, such as the geotechnical and hydrogeological situation, A leader rig is a fast and efficient self-contained mobile machine for sheet pile installation and extraction. It consists of a 360° tracked base unit to which is fitted a telescopic mast. A vibrating hammer which drives the pile is fixed to a slide on the mast. This slide enables to vibrator to move down the mast as the pile is driven.