Downloadable Phillies scorecard & baseball scorecards . For those of you interested in scoring games, here are a few different baseball scorecards you can use. They aren't exactly professional quality scorecards, but they certainly do the trick. They are available as Excel files for you to download and print. Enjoy! Phillies Baseball Scorecard

Printable Baseball Score Sheets / Scorecards. A baseball scorecard is a classic method of detailing what happens in a baseball game. As the game unfolds, scorekeepers or just avid fans can use this chart to keep track of exactly what happens. Many fans enjoy keeping score just for fun, which is where printed scorecards come in handy. The template is printable and it comes in very high quality design for a clear and quality print. It can also be used in a soft format then print out the result if you want it so. Example Excel Scorecard Baseball Template