Welcome to our Member Spotlight series where we give a profile overview of our many diverse members. For this deep dive, we spoke to Aziz Gilani, Managing Director at Mercury Fund. This document is a model term sheet for a typical private equity fund (i.e., a fund that makes privately negotiated equity and equity related investments generally in non-public companies). The package of terms described herein represents a market standard for a typical private equity fund.

Key Terms to Know . Alternative assets – This term describes non-traditional asset classes. They include private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and real estate. Alternative assets are generally more risky than traditional assets, but they should, in theory, generate higher returns for inv LandFund Partners II, LP – Summary Term Sheet Structure Limited Partners ( Investors) invest in a closed -end structure managed by its General Partner (GP), LandFund GP II, LLC. Type of Assets Investment primarily in farmland property suitable for the cultivation of row crops, such as corn, soybeans, rice and cotton.